Miami Nights

Chronicles of Darkness RP Room

The Werewolf story isnt overreaching like the Vampire storyline, but there are two tribes engaged in bigger stories.

The Hunters in Darkness, Protecing their Sacred Lands

While swampland may not seem that great to outsiders, the spirits that live in these swamps need protecting from the evil that looks to destroy them. Thats why the residents of a small town in the area fight to protect it. It just so happens that the members of that town all happen to be Werewoves and those who support them. Every night scouts and warriors stalk into the swamp to battle those that seek to do the area harm.

The Iron Masters, Living for the City

Not all werewolves live in the wilderness. Some live in Miami fighting for survival there. They hide in plain sight and protect the innocent unaware people from the evils of their own kind. They hunt the most wicked of the humans. Living in the city provides interesting challenges that living in a less populated area does. If they were discovered, there would be pandemonium