Miami Nights

Chronicles of Darkness RP Room

The Vampire story in Miami Nights is the most expansive one as the very nature of the Vampire game is expansive. It is the story of young upstarts trying to topple the established order of things. Powerful and Charismatic leaders lead the charge for change or the battle for the Status Quo. Each of the Five Vampire Covenants have their role to play.

Invictus, The Status Quo

The Invictus Covenant is the major covenant in Miami. Their neo feudal system of government has been the standard for Vampires for centuries. Its what vampires are used to. The Prince of Miami is a woman named Georgia Collins and though she is rarely seen in person, her authority is felt through her Web, a collection of vampires that carry out her will. Her Duke Christoph Von Muir is the public face of her authority. 

The Carthian Movement, A Force for Change

The Carthian Movement was a non factor in Miami until very recently. That's when Aribella Gaines became known. She was a young woman who was wronged greatly by Georgia Collins. And though she is young she is charasmatic and she want's revenge. She believes in the Carthian Movement's push for democracy. And people believe in her. Her power comes not from her age and strength, but by her force of personality. People wanted to follow her and her willingness to allow everyone a voice became popular to young vampires. With outside support Carthians from around the world, Arabella is making a push to take over the city. 

The Lancea et Sanctum, The Church

The Sanctum is the main religion of Vampires. The church's powerful leader is one that neither side in the political battle want's to make an enemy of. Ezra Bettincourt is ancient and powerful and his territory in the city is neutral ground, out of reverence for him, and that people from both of the warring factions believe in God. He maintains his neutrality as long as no battles spill over into his turf and the Circle of the Crone is banned from the city.

The Ordo Dracul, The Searchers for Secrets

The leaders of the Dragons have no interest in the political battles. They stay neutral and instead look to unlock the secrets of the Vampiric condition. And all factions allow them to do their thing because their work could benefit all. The secrets they do hold also scare the warring factions from angering them. 

The Circle of the Crone, The Neo Wiccans

The witches are banned from the city proper. Instead they operate on the outskirts. They feel percecuted for their religious beliefs and for that reason have no desire to work with anyone else. Instead they cause trouble for everyone. Their territory is not safe for anyone who isn't in their covenant or unaligned.